LB_071 by Bir / Stapperton out on Lurker Bias (tapes)

by Stapperton & Bir out on Lurker Bias (tapes)


Bir - new tape out
You can buy tapes at Lurker Bias.
HUGE thanks to Stapperton & Lurker Bias - totally brilliant

get over to Lurker Bias for a surfeit of good tapes

Lovely review here:
Thank you popsmargree @PaulMargree

Of Stapperton's side - "The grit-teeth voltage groan of Extracted is a palate cleanser for the manifold scour of these tracks, with Deer 6’s ghoulish screech yelping like an eternally looped lament...

Of Bir's side - "...a groove sufficiently locked to get even the most recalcitrant leather jacket moving"

Amazing review here:
Thank you @earsforeyes

Of Stapperton's side - "A cliff-top lighthouse blares revolving bass-wobble over unmapped puffin-packed ledges...Elemental and bleak. Barks and screams occasionally heard over a monochromatic roar."

Of Bir's side - "Like Autechre in the way it drifts and digresses, wandering into near silence at times. Aggressive and harsh but also nuanced and fascinatingly textured, a section drifts into what café/bar background clatter might sound like in a fire, if everyone just carried on regardless...Distressing, in an inviting ‘I’d like to be disturbed by this again’ sort-of-way."


released January 28, 2017

Stapperton & Bir



Larry Crywater UK


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