1. Dead Sea Apes & Maurice's Hotel Death - Cancellation Numbers

  2. April Larson & Maurice's Hotel Death - Heavy Dream ltd stamped cassette LC014

  3. Left Hand Cuts Off The Right - Beautiful Pigs, Disgusting Humans ltd hand-stamped cassette LC013

  4. Maurice's Hotel Death split tape w/ Nacht Und Nebel (Feral Tapes)

  5. Nacht Und Nebel - They Themselves ltd hand-stamped cassette LC012

  6. Bir - Imagined City Conversations/Your Enthusiasm Hasn't Gone Unnoticed ltd hand-stamped tape LC011

  7. Friend Of A Friend / Bir split tape

  8. Maurice's Hotel Death - Cotter - ltd numbered CDr release LC009

  9. Bir - The Smell of An Electric Shock (I Own You Records)

  10. Bir - Holiday Person / Scram! ltd numbered tape release LC008

  11. Maurice's Hotel Death - Pump - ltd numbered tape release LC007

  12. Maurice's Hotel Death - Front Desk at the Museum - ltd numbered CDr release LC006

  13. Larry Crywater - Bacton (Wizards Tell Lies J&C Tapes)

  14. Maurice's Hotel Death / Petals split
    Maurice's Hotel Death / Petals

  15. Maurice's Hotel Death - And The Way Out EP - ltd numbered tape release LC004

  16. ManMachine - Now I'm Immortal LP - ltd, hand​-​stamped numbered tape release LC005

  17. Maurice's Hotel Death - Hot Jone
    Maurice's Hotel Death

  18. Maurice's Hotel Death - Cycle Gamma - ltd numbered tape release LC003

  19. Larry Crywater - Bounce Recursion Mixes ltd, hand-stamped numbered tape release LC002

  20. Larry Crywater - Acid Years (Aus Plastik remixes)

  21. Maurice's Hotel Death - Suck Looper

  22. Maurice's Hotel Death - Trying To Remain Cool

  23. Maurice's Hotel Death - Meeting People EP ltd, hand-stamped numbered tape release LC001


Larry Crywater UK

TAPES ALSO at Electric Knife Records & Kiks/GFR. Make and put out TAPES mainly. I believe in acid house, sci-fi electro, drone & noise, techno, industrial, loops, amateur field recordings, microsounds, old skool / jungle / pirate radio, musique concrete, free time, very hot weather, very cold weather, Richard H Kirk, DIY labels & artists doing it, Tour de France & racing bicycles ... more

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